PixelBasher Beta Release!

PixelBasher Beta Release!

Hello everyone! The time is finally here to release the first version of PixelBasher. For those of you not familiar with how this tool came to be, let's dive a bit into the history.

Back in 2020

The first version of the PixelBasher was made during the development of our game Mighty Goose, to assist with the creation of the level graphics. It was a tool with barely any UI and made purely as some kind of test to see if I could make some kind of useful tool.

Here's some footage of that old version. Pretty minimal eh?

(If you've played Mighty Goose, you might remember this train wagon from the Bugga' Veo level.)


In the end only a few level graphics were made with the tool. Pixelbasher simply wasn't mature enough to really be faster than something like Photoshop. But it showed potential to be a nifty application. Something that could be used to quickly get ideas down.

After the game's release, PixelBasher saw some more iteration and slowly but steadily it began to turn into a really nice kitbashing application. Now the time has come to share it with the world! Keep in mind that this is an Early Access release. We know full well that this application still needs a lot of work, but one of the biggest steps (getting it out there) has been completed. With PixelBasher released, it'll become a lot easier to iterate and add features bit by bit.

Anyway, it's out NOW!

Update coming tomorrow!