PixelBasher Update – Evening Star

Group copy paste

This build brings a big improvement with something very basic. It's now possible to copy and paste (or duplicate) a selection of objects. Great if you build something complex, and want another one of it!

It's something that seems simple on the surface, but was actually pretty complex to make. We're all so used to these kind of features just working in every other app. PixelBasher is made in a game engine though, so a lot of these basic things need to be built from scratch. I believe the feature is pretty stable, but if you encounter any bugs don't be afraid to send me a message.

The programming behind this will also serve as a base for grouping of objects and potentially saving prefabs in the library. However, that is for another day.

Two smaller features that are added in this build are:

Right click menu

This right click popup menu now houses only a few buttons, but will most likely be a great location for many future functionalities.

Editor Background color picker

A small fun addition. Users can now pick the editor background colors from the settings menu. No editor settings are saved yet though, so I think for the next build I'll have to look into saving and loading editor preferences.

All in all it's not a very big update. But the new group copy and pasting feature can be super useful! Observant pixelbashers might spot a new tab in the library labeled 'user'. This tab doesn't have any functionality yet though, sorry! 😉

Happy copy & pasting!

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PixelBasher Update – Domino Line

Hello everyone! It's been a while since the last update. I've been on holiday for a few weeks and recently got back. So now it's finally time to update PixelBasher! This update brings a Layer View, which might be helpful when dealing with lots of stacked objects.


Layer View

When making complex scenes it can become quite troublesome to deal with stacked objects. A layer view has been added to PixelBasher to make it a bit easier to select specific objects in a stack. The layer view also allows you to drag and drop the layers to reorganize things.

By clicking on the new layers icon in the top-right you can toggle the layer view.

This feature has been a long time coming. I've encountered a lot of edge-cases which I wasn't really prepared for. The feature seems to be stable now though. So I'm excited to finally bring it to you!

Misc updates

Apart from the layer view, a bunch of smaller updates have been made to the application.

  • New parts. As with most updates, this update added various parts to the kitbashing asset library.
  • Performance improvements. A certain debugging feature was wreaking havoc on the performance. Technically this was a bug; Now that it's fixed, most users should see a performance increase.
  • New application font. The old font had some spacing issues on some characters. The application now uses a new font which brings more clarity to the overall design.
  • Various bugfixes. Most notably, there was a bug with a previous NWJS version (which PixelBasher uses) which was causing the application to crash on certain Windows machines. This should no longer happen!

As always, grab the update from your library. Thanks for your support, and I hope you enjoy the update!

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PixelBasher Update – Pride

Hello everyone! Todays PixelBasher update is a big one. With this update comes the introduction of color. Which means you can tint your creations in all the colors of the rainbow. With the inclusion of color, I thought it would also be a good idea to add color palette support.

Let's dive into the new features.


Object color

Every object in the library now has a color value. This value can be changed with the color picker in the effects panel. If you want your object to be brighter than the color picker allows, simply use the brightness slider or buttons.

Palette support

By tinting the objects on the Canvas, you can create all sorts of colorful creations. However, with this approach it's easy to end up with a document with hundreds of different colors. If you are going for a true retro aesthetic, this may not be desirable. This is why the Palette effect was added.

By enabling the palette option from the global effect panel, you can replace all document colors with the colors defined in the palette. The palette shader will try to find colors that look like it and then replace it. This system may take a bit of getting used to, as it isn't a switch that magically produces great results. You can't expect it to map yellow to blue for example.

By using the Contrast and Tolerance sliders, you can tweak what colors get picked and replaced. To get the most out of the feature, you'll have to develop a bit of a feel for it. This goes hand in hand with tinting objects. An object that is tinted blue will probably map to the blue-ish values on the color palette etc.

As like most of the application, this feature is still work in progress. Currently up to 16 colors are supported. More are planned in the future, but currently limited to 16 for ease of debugging.

Getting good results

Getting good results with the palette system may take a bit of getting used to. The key is to understand how it works. The palette system will try to find colors that look like the colors defined in the color palette and change them to whatever is defined. In contrast to something like a gradient map, if colors fall 'out of range', nothing will happen. So you have to make it easy for the system. You can do this by changing object colors to the color that kind of look like the ones in the palette. But also fiddling with the document contrast and palette tolerance.

Loading .pal files

With these new color options also come a lot of new choices when kitbashing. If you don't feel comfortable with making color choices the Lospec community has you covered!

"The Lospec Palette List is a database of palettes for pixel art. We include both palettes that originate from old hardware that could only display a few colors, as well as palettes created by pixel artists specifically for making art."

PixelBasher has support to load .pal files with up to 16 Colors. Just browse the list, select & download something you like. Use the open button in the color palette section of the document settings menu to load a .pal file.

Other new features

- Object can now be copy & pasted (ctrl + c & ctrl + v)
- Object effects (including color) can now be copied and pasted via the buttons on top of the effects panel
- Object 'jitteryness' has been improved a bit. Not solved yet, this will be adressed in a future update
- Global outline can now have it's diagonal disabled (to prevent 'staircasing')
- Opening a .bash file now clears the Canvas first
- Various new objects have been added to the kitbashing library
- Various small features / bugfixes

In closing

This might sound a bit random, but when I first showed a teaser for the color feature someone asked me: "PB Pride when?". It was probably a joke. But well, why not? The color update is the perfect fit. You will find a flag of support in the version label.

Also, if you are LGBTQ+ and reading this. Respect to you for climbing the mountain. Simply being your true self isn't always easy in current society. It should be! But in reality it's HARD. But, this is your life and you shouldn't let anyone tell you how to live it. Nobody can tell you what you can and can't be. Be your true self and be proud. If you have started this newgame+: My best whishes to you on your journey <3

Now it's time to PixelBash! Hope you enjoy today's update! As usual, you can find the update on the page.

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PixelBasher Update – Rainbow Goblins

Hello everyone! It's time for another PixelBasher update. I've been experimenting a lot this week. Which resulted in a half working undo system! And yes, of course I'm shipping a half-finished feature, this software is in early access after all!

Let's take a look at the update changes in detail.


Library sections

The asset library panel now has sections which can be opened and closed. Very useful simply to hide categories you are currently not using.

Posterization toggle

A toggle for the global posterization effect has been added to the settings panel. Some users might not want to crush colors, or do so in another application.


The much requested undo feature has seen some work. A CTRL+Z now nudges back the history of the document.

Known issues
- I've seen some bugs in undoing creating and deleting objects
- Moving/resizing/changing a selection is not yet correctly handled

The feature is mostly useful now for undoing something like a wrongly moved object. For going back to a document state of a few minutes ago, I'd say it's still too unstable! Use at your own risk. I'll be improving the undo system in future updates of course 🙂

Blending Modes (cutout and mask)

Objects now have the option to perform a blending operation with their underlying objects:
- Cutout: Uses the objects opaque pixels to 'punch a hole' in the underlying objects
- Masked: Only displays the object on fully opaque pixels.

These blending operations might not be super useful at the moment, but will most likely have their moment to shine in a later update in combination with 'object baking' .


Other than that there have been some misc. quality of life changes and bugfixes. As is typical with these updates, you'll also find some new kitbashing parts in the library. Keeping track of what I added is a hassle, so you'll have to take a look yourself! 😉

For those of you who'll be in the middle of a heatwave the coming period: Try to take it easy and make sure to drink enough. Take care and see you next update!

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PixelBasher Update – Sonic Firestorm

PixelBasher Update

Version Sonic Firestorm

Update is available from

Hello everyone! PixelBasher has been out in the wild for a week now! It pleases me greatly to see people are already creating interesting things with it.
What's fun is that what people are making differs greatly. Ranging from full diorama's to fps wall textures. Awesome!

Today's update brings a few new features, kitbashing parts and an experimental macOS build.


New features


multiple object select

It's now possible to select multiple objects either by holding shift and clicking, or dragging a selection rectangle around a group of objects. This feature still needs some work, sometimes the bounding box is not calculate correctly and there are some other small bugs left to fix. I figured since it's such a useful feature, it would be better to ship it as soon as possible!

Z-order operations

Apart from Bring to front and Send to back, the application now has move forward and move backward. These operations move selected object 1 spot on the z-order sorting list.

Note: the hotkeys for z-order operations have changed. W and S are now move forward/backward, whilst bring to front and back have been moved to SHIFT + W/S.

Export to clipboard

This is the same as hitting the export button, except the image data is written to the clipboard. You'll find the new clipboard button next to the export button.

Note: Due to how the clipboard works on Windows 10 and below, some applications will not be able to paste semi-transparent pixels. These will be pasted as black.


The application now has a minimize button!!! But why would you ever minimize this awesome application?

macOS (experimental)

After several inquiries about a macOS version I decided to take another look at making such a build. This update includes an experimental build, tested on macOS Monterey. To open the application you will need to allow it via the Security & Privacy section of the System Preferences menu.

Since PixelBasher is a GPU heavy application, my 8 year old Macbook Pro was struggling to hold a steady framerate. Other than that the application was working as intended. It also has to be said that any trackpad gestures you might expect to work (pinch zoom, etc) are not implemented. An external mouse is recommended, this is of course also the case on Windows.

Since I haven't had much time to test it, this build will be labeled as experimental.

What about Linux?

I already noticed that making a macOS build took a significant amount of time and testing. This is one of the reasons why other platform builds have been placed further along the roadmap. Making multiplatform builds just slows down production on the actual application features. Linux is still on the todo list, but for this reason will be pushed ahead.


That's about it for today's update! I've started working on a getting started video for the application. I think it's important to highlight a few features of the program and what they are for. I think that video should drop sometime later this month.

I hope you'll enjoy the new update, have a great day!

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PixelBasher update

PixelBasher update

Version Dreaming Dedede

Hello everyone! Yesterday was a pretty big day of course, PixelBasher was released! Quite quickly one of the first users managed to break something 😂 This was to be expected, literally nobody but me used the app up until now.

So today's update brings some bug fixes, UX improvements and some new assets. To get the latest update, simply download the latest version from the page. Enjoy!




new objects:

- Several wood themed parts have been added to the front-view section


notable changes:

- The canvas can now be zoomed with CTRL + & - (also numpad + & -).
- Object rotation system has been redone. Hold the right mouse button to rotate objects now feels much better (holding shift whilst rotating an object locks it to 15 degree increments).
- Removed parenting feature for the time being. It was causing all sorts of issues.
- Switching library tabs now returns the library scroll to the top of the object list.


new features:

- Object opacity now has a slider in the object effects panel (previously only scroll wheel).
- Object brightness now has a slider in the object effects panel.
- Object color count now has a slider in the object effects panel.
- Object contrast adjustment capabilities have been added.
- Duplicate object button added in the object toolbar (previously only CTRL + D)



- Fixed a bug where library items could be dragged out of the library window.
- Object Toolbox 'D' hotkey for 'move to back' was wrongly labeled, changed it to 'S'.


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PixelBasher Beta Release!

PixelBasher Beta Release!

Hello everyone! The time is finally here to release the first version of PixelBasher. For those of you not familiar with how this tool came to be, let's dive a bit into the history.

Back in 2020

The first version of the PixelBasher was made during the development of our game Mighty Goose, to assist with the creation of the level graphics. It was a tool with barely any UI and made purely as some kind of test to see if I could make some kind of useful tool.

Here's some footage of that old version. Pretty minimal eh?

(If you've played Mighty Goose, you might remember this train wagon from the Bugga' Veo level.)


In the end only a few level graphics were made with the tool. Pixelbasher simply wasn't mature enough to really be faster than something like Photoshop. But it showed potential to be a nifty application. Something that could be used to quickly get ideas down.

After the game's release, PixelBasher saw some more iteration and slowly but steadily it began to turn into a really nice kitbashing application. Now the time has come to share it with the world! Keep in mind that this is an Early Access release. We know full well that this application still needs a lot of work, but one of the biggest steps (getting it out there) has been completed. With PixelBasher released, it'll become a lot easier to iterate and add features bit by bit.

Anyway, it's out NOW!

Update coming tomorrow!

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