A Pixel Art Kitbashing tool.


PixelBasher is a kitbashing tool that aims to let anyone create complex Pixel Art with ease.

With a wide library of retro styled and auto-tiling objects at your disposal, you may let your imagination run wild!



PixelBasher is currently still in development. Even though the tool has some rough edges, it is fairly functional. Following numerous enquiries, we have decided to provide the tool as a 'early access' beta.

If you don't mind a clunky user experience and still want to try it out, please click the buy button to go to our itch.io page! Check out our Roadmap to get a clear overview of the application's current and future state.

Drag, Drop, KitBash!

PixelBasher uses a concept of drag and droppable brushes to explore the users creativity.


PixelBasher brushes are autotiling 9-sliced images. By simply dragging these magic rectangles around, you can easily achieve great looking results very quickly.

Magical Pixelbasher brushes in action

Extensive Library

PixelBasher comes with a massive set of custom crafted Pixel Art parts. These parts are all auto-tiling and can be dragged and resized without appearing stretched.

One of the project's primary goals is to supply people with enough unique parts to build whatever they have on their mind. We treat the library like a collection of LEGO bricks. You can never have enough different parts! That is why we strive to keep adding brushes as the project progresses.

Magic Tricks

PixelBasher is a pixel art focused tool. That's why it has several color based magic tricks up it's sleeve:

Color limit

Documents have an adjustable color limit. Since the brushes themselves can have many more colors, the combination leads to very cool results.


Objects have various easy to access effects. Adding more dimension and texture to your designs becomes a magic experience.

Transparency Trickery

By clamping transparency values, semi-transparent brushes only render on opaque surfaces!


Pixelbasher effects in action

Finishing Touches


PixelBasher isn't a fully fledged graphics program; It's more like a brainstorming application for pixel art designs. That's why the app serves creations in shades of gray. Export your creations as a .png file and add your desired colors in your application of choice!

For future versions of the application, some color and other finishing options are planned. For more information, check out the Roadmap.

PixelBasher is a product by Blastmode